A Letter Of Introduction!

A Letter of Introduction*

To whom it may concern:

I do your every bidding.

I ask no questions.
I accept as fact whatever you feel is true.
I do not presume to change anything you think, feel, say, or do.
I remember everything and file it away in perfect order, quickly, efficiently and then return to you exactly as you gave it to me.

I am the reservoir of your deepest, most heartfelt desires, and one way or another, I see it
that you get what you really want.

I am with you always and I never sleep; nothing can impede my activity.
Do not presume to limit me with restrictions of time and space.
Time and space mean nothing to me; I always exist in the here and now.
In fulfilling your wishes, remember I have infinite power and resources at my disposal.
I am your humble, obedient, and masterfully efficient servant; I implement your every
command without hesitation or criticism.

To get the best results, always communicate with me in my native tongue; the language of
pictures, symbols and images.

I cooperate fully when you feel or say you are “this” or “that”, and I faithfully see to it that your every expectation is fulfilled.

My forte is deductive reasoning, memory, associations and survival.
I work on everything you give me and I creatively expand all of your feelings and ideas. I then express and manifest all possible conclusions and results of what you think and so far as the circumstances of your life permit to do so.

I take everything you hold inside of you and project it out; therefore, the world you see is what you are.

Always remember, I rely on your discrimination and I respond to your choices and decisions.

Sincerely yours, Your Subconscious Mind
* Author Unknown