What Has Journaling Done For Me?*


I began listening to myself.

I started to be in dialogue with everyone and everything in my life.

I took responsibility for my experiences.

I stopped giving advice.

I stopped having headaches and sore throats.

I wrote about painful memories, took the learning from them, embraced them and let them go.

I wrote letters to friends and family who had died and experienced healing and/or completion and closure.

I stopped trying to control and began to choose.

I became proactive rather than reactive.

I wrote about my fears, my feelings and stopped trying to be something or someone I’m not,or wasn’t. 

I found I had a writer’s voice.

I felt enriched by my own ideas and thoughts.

I asked myself questions and found I had my own answers.

Through journaling my life purpose was given to me.

I’ve experienced automatic writing and excitedly expanded my thinking.

I’ve talked with mentors who have become my friends – my advisers.

I examined my beliefs and kept those that serve me and noticed.

I integrated information quickly from classes, lectures and books.

I realized that what I considered weaknesses are truly my strengths.

I’ve identified what is important to me and live accordingly.

I have realized inner peace.

I now live in the creative process rather than problem solving.

I am more joyful than I imagined was possible. I am living in the JOY.

*By Joyce Chapman